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Whether you love the dark drama, the swoon-worthy romances, or the gotta-have-it fashions — there are many reasons to be obsessed with Pretty Little Liars.

Last Thursday, fans were invited to attend “An Evening with Pretty Little Liars” presented by Citi at The Grove in Los Angeles. The intimate event honored executive producer Marlene King and head costume designer Mandi Line for the series’ unique and sought-after character wardrobes. The one-time-only event also provided viewers with an opportunity to ask their most burning questions.

We didn’t want you guys at home to miss out on all the fun, so ETonlne caught up with King — aka the keeper of all the PLL secrets — to bring you the exclusive scoop on this season’s tear-filled summer finale, the chances for a pretty little wedding, and the “dark ride” we’re about to go on as we finally discover ‘A’s identity.

“I’m really excited for Mandi,” King told ETonline when asked about the fashion frenzy that Pretty Little Liars has sparked in its fans. “The girls are so passionate about what they wear on the show, and Mandi really brings that passion — she’s the leader of the passions.”

“It’s really at times like this that it’s the sixth pretty little Liar,” she continued. “I say Alison is the fifth and fashion is the sixth, so it’s pretty cool.”

Who is Charles DiLaurentis? Does he even exist? “Pretty Little Liars” attempted to answer these questions to no avail in season six, episode three (“Songs of Experience”).

It appears that Charles, also know as Charlie, was Jason’s imaginary friend when he was younger. That is, until Jason’s dad told him that Charlie had to “go away” and poor bb Jason “never saw him again.” As if it was going to be that easy!

It’s not uncommon for people, especially young children, to suppress memories, so by the time Aria uncovered a childhood photo of Jason and another boy — one neither Ali nor Spencer could identify. Could it have been Charles? Charlie Charlie?! Or, was it Andrew? Because Charles wasn’t the only one with shady past; Andrew apparently had one too.

Without further ado, here are the craziest, most bats–t moments from this week’s episode:

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